Writing a report on internship

To provide the students with an opportunity to apply the knowledge in real work situation thereby closing the gap between academic work and the actual practice.

Try not to sum up and offer informal, chatty perceptions. This will make him flexible in the workplace. If you have any queries regarding how to make an internship report then use Ask Question section to post your comments and we will get back to you shortly.

The report should offer observations on how the real world works. Helena Ahulu and all others involved in making internship part of the academic assessment to enable students gain the aspiring work experience before graduating.

The intern was made to generate a report to the Finance Director about the invoices, sales, payment vouchers, petty cash and bank lodgment audited. Perhaps you learned something about yourself.

Internship Report Format

Revisions are accepted following the first submission, but an approved report must be on file by the end of the term following the Internship. It is for this reason that I had the opportunity of getting a position as a customer representative in Bank of America. On the off chance that your entry level position is identified with business administration, expound on the working conditions in the association, the stream of exercises there, and the standards the organization receives for dealing with its procedures, assets, and workforce.

This detailed budget included, salaries, advertising, rent, office expenses, cost of products, shipping charges and profit projection, for the Kumasi Branch. The intern also encountered financial difficulties including food and transportation.

How to Write an Internship Report

The internship program aided the intern to have an in-depth knowledge about the practical problem solving in the corporate world. The budget the intern drew was applauded by the accountant. The intern was assigned to the Finance Departments.

Another key to success entails that an individual has to have a professional attitude in order to fit in the competitive market. The company has a significant synergies with many African, European and US institutions.

Internship Report Format

You can do this either chronologically by project or by the kinds of tasks performed. This was through face-to-face conversation, which was accompanied by a collection of opinions using questionnaries. Working in the bank enabled me to understand some aspects of being successful as a customer representative.

What you include here will be determined by the kind of internship you had. This is a report on the purpose of carrying out the internship, the profile of the chosen organization of the intern, duties and schedules performed in the organization, the contributions of the intern to the organization, application of theories to real —life situations, various lessons learnt by the intern, challenges encountered, conclusions drawn and recommendations made by the intern.

Portfolio Option You may opt to submit a separate, professional caliber portfolio of your internship work instead of an appendix. Break down the information and talk about the implications of your findings. This example of a report for an internship is a result of a Linkedin Published internship assignment sample.

While taking print out of your internship report, keep in mind that what type of paper you can use to make it look more professional and good idea is to use resume paper. In banks, it usually mandatory to ask the right questions at the appropriate time. The interns understanding of responsibilities to a specific job, as well as willingness to get things done, performing different activities with limited time and take responsibility for his actions were exceptional.

The Finance Director, Mr. Summary of the facts: The intern solely conducted an internal audit to establish the areas of risk regarding Revenue and Expenses of the company.

Next, move from general data to the specifics about the division or office you worked in. Clip folders are used to hold petty cash request forms tightly so that they do not fall.

Guidelines for Writing an Internship Report1 To fulfil the academic requirements of the internship, interns are required to submit an internship report following the specifications outlined in this guide (course instructor can come out with own guide or modify this guide). Most work place communication is written.5/5(19).

The internship report must include proposal information and is a separate document with different readers. The report to the Internship Committee is required regardless of other publication or written work that comes out of the experience.

(Write this after completing the entire report, summing up the activities you performed during the internship and your major findings and recommendations, if you have any.) Step 3 Provide a description of the company and the specific department where you performed the internship.

Guidelines For Writing the Report of Internship Activities 8 Assess your own strengths, needs, and goals (both short- and long-term) that are relevant to you as a helping professional.

Having to write an internship report is actually a mark of the conclusion of an internship.

Internship Report – Internship Report Sample, Format, Example

Through writing an internship report, you will be able to summarize all of the personal and the business-related experiences and even the achievements you’ve had while being an intern.

GUIDELINES FOR WRITING THE. REPORT OF INTERNSHIP ACTIVITIES. Revised October Master of Science in Counseling Psychology. Frostburg State University.

Writing a report on internship
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