Report on 2g spectrum

The government may withhold or decline to produce a document if it is considered prejudicial to the safety or interest of State. The CBI files a status report on the probe. But as soon as the proceedings began, both Houses of Parliament were adjourned till 12 noon following uproar over the scam. None in the durbar could decipher the dream.

The recommendations of the JPC were neither accepted in full nor implemented. Formation[ edit ] Joint Parliamentary Committee is formed when motion is adopted by one house and it is supported or agreed by the other house.

Report on 2g Spectrum

Balwa is also allowed to appear via video-conference. It stresses on reporting deviations from set procedures and policies and fails to recognise that the deviations have resulted in speeding up economic growth.

He sent for the farmer, who ran straight to the bird, apologised for betraying her the last time, and promised to share the booty this time. Archived from the original on 13 February It had stated that licenses had been issued to ineligible applicants who had deliberately suppressed facts, disclosed incomplete information, submitted fictitious documents and used fraudulent means for getting licenses and thereby access cag report on 2g spectrum spectrum.

The information in this Article is not used for defamatory purpose. Pranab Mukherjee has also called a lunch meeting of all parties today in the hope of ending the impasse. Raja, which today we all identify as the 2G spectrum scam.

It is a term used in telecommunication sector. Prior to every election, politicians across the political landscape behave alike and trade charges against each other with the sole aim of winning votes. The Comptroller and Auditor General CAG report on the allotment of 2G Spectrum licences, tabled in the Lok Sabha today, has held former Telecom Minister A Raja responsible on many fronts for violating guidelines, indulging in favouritism and costing the government Rs 1.

Raja's custody is extended by three days, and Balwa's for four. While heading home, he picked up a stone. The former Communication minister who make the 2G spectrum scam Alloted the licence which are given in at prices of Rs. Pant in the Lok Sabha on August 6, The CBI files its first chargesheet.

CBI places TRAI report on 2G spectrum valuation before SC

Parliament has not functioned for a single day in the Winter session with the Opposition forcing adjournments. Powers[ edit ] A JPC can obtain evidence of experts, public bodies, associations, individuals or interested parties suo motu or on requests made by them.

Brushing aside the advice, the Department of Telecom DoT in proceeded to issue licences for 2G spectrum at prices, flouting all rules and procedures' '85 licenses were issued to companies which suppressed facts, disclosed incomplete information and submitted fictitious documents to DoT and thus used fraudulent means of getting licenses and thereby access to spectrum.

Performance Download Audit Report File: Anurag Andley All Articles published on this website are for informative purposes only. Read Decoding the 2G spectrum verdict: The special court refuses Kanimozhi and Kumar's bail requests, ordering their arrest to prevent witness-tampering.

Joint parliamentary committee

On Tuesday afternoon, the auditor addressed a press conference to explain its report and to answer questions on it. The SC refuses Kanimozhi's bail request.

The SC orders the original tapes of conversations by Radia. There are certain pertinent facts about it which exactly show as to what the scam actually is all about.

According to the Comptroller and Auditor General, there were large-scale irregularities in spectrum allocation. The last application was by an IPS officer with 18 years experience.

He took an alternative road home. The cat were allegedly issued after the zpectrum was made. The committee held sittings and gave its report on December 19, How could the revenue realised in for 3G be cag report on 2g spectrum for calculating the loss on account of 2G spectrum allocated as far cag report on 2g spectrum as in where the demand-supply position was also very different is something that needs proper justification.

DMK relort hospitalised after blood pressure drops, condition stable 10 mins ago. Swamy petitions the SC for cancellation of the licenses. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

CAG Report on 2G Spectrum

January 10,was not an exceptionally wintry day in New Delhi. As usual, the fog had set in, delaying trains and planes. Much of the southern part of the city was a gigantic construction zone for the Commonwealth Games. November: A Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) report, tabled in the Lok Sabha, says that allocation of 2G spectrum led to a presumptive loss of Rs trillion to the exchequer Raja steps down as telecom minister.

New Delhi: The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) report on the allotment of 2G Spectrum licences, tabled in the Lok Sabha today, has held former Telecom Minister A Raja responsible on many.

CAG Report on 2G Scam Here are some of the points made by the CAG Report: 85 firms suppressed facts, gave fictitious papers to DoT DoT kept spectrum pricing issue out of GoM's purview.

A Raja ignored Prime Minister's, FM's and Law Ministry's advice Spectrum was rare national asset, should have been auctioned 2G spectrum allocated to new players. Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) submits a report to the Indian government about the estimated loss on 2G Spectrum sale.

The loss apparently. The CAG in its report reprimanded the telecom Minister Raja severely for not taking into consideration the advice of finance and law ministries on allocation of 2G spectrum to benefit a few operators.

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