A report on dhaka stock exchange

Despite its well-intended foundation, the BSE was insufficiently active. No order will be submitted in this session. We also took some help from the annual report of Dhaka Stock Exchange Post ceasefire agreement boom[ edit ] After witnessing mediocre performance throughout the s mainly due to the Sri Lankan Civil Warthe ceasefire agreement signed in saw unprecedented growth in the both indices of the CSE.

In addition, supplementary duty is imposed at variable rates on certain categories of consumption goods across all size categories. Special consideration was given so that chances of biasness could not arise. To gather experience and knowledge of doing a professional report.

The value of imported goods for levy and collection of VAT is considered to be the assessable value for levy of custom duties plus other duties and taxes. The then central governments proposal regarding the Karachi stock exchange opening a branch at Dhaka.

Its mandate is to be a market or center for the trading of listed securities, and promoter of financial planning, and to provide related services connected to such activities, without distributing any profits to members.

To provide investment advisory and financial planning information- including sales, research, underwriting and trading for individuals and institutions.

The changes extended government control and regulation over the operations of finance and securities companies, which until then had operated fairly freely. A C Jain, Mr. It operates under the legal framework laid down in the Securities and Exchange Act, B. Value added tax system in Bangladesh gives special treatment to the small firms.

Exemption is allowed to certain goods or service or certain taxpayers. Khaleeli, secretary government of east Bengal, commerce, labor and industries department at which various aspects of the issue were discussed in detail.

The overall operations of the exchange are run by a team of qualified executives. We could give more up to date and verified information if we would have more time. The Dhaka Stock Exchange is the rallying point for enterprises to raise capital in Bangladesh.

Retrieved 7 April No study is beyond any limitations. After brokerage houses electronically send buy or sell orders from their offices to the SET mainframe computer, the ASSET system queues the orders and arranges them according to a price-then-time priority.

This limitation lessens the possibilities of getting up to date information about our report topic. As public company on All buy and all sell orders are compared and calculate the open-adjust price.

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The DSE always intended to opt for the highest bidder — in this case a Chinese consortium led by the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE).

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However, the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) apparently wished the bourse to accept a lower bid from a consortium led by India’s National Stock Exchange (NSE). The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET, Thai: บริษัท ตลาดหลักทรัพย์แห่งประเทศไทย จำกัด) is.

Summary of Dhaka Stock Exchange as on BD Finance Securities Ltd. Today (March 12, ). Dhaka Stock Exchange General Index is and gained % ( point).

To analyze and recommend on the mentioned issues. Secondary Objective: The secondary objective to prepare this report is— To. Analysis Report On DHAKA STOCK EXCHANGE. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Dhaka Stock Exchange is the prime bourse of the country.

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Through its nonstop highly faulttolerant screen based automated trading. The Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) is registered as a Public Limited Company and its activities are regulated by its Articles of Association rules & regulations and bye-laws along with the Securities and Exchange Ordinance -Companies Act - & Securities & Exchange Commission Act -

A report on dhaka stock exchange
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